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The Savior?

time lapse photography of waterfalls
Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

The rapids crashed mercilessly.
She breathed into the foreboding rush of water.

The crests shimmered white in the moonlight
atop the blackness of the waves,
like an ice cream finish
on a root beer float.

She wished she could remember
the contrast in texture and flavor.
The richness of experience lost
to the depths of unrelenting tumult.


The moon glistened silver
amidst the magical stars,
like a goddess guiding her
delightful children.

She was reminded of the ebb and flow
of life and love.

The current engulfed her.

Impulsively, he leapt.
Free from thought.

The end?

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Eddie Vedder

Eddie the Boston

Choosing a name,
Who will he become

Role Model

Inspired Musician

Powerful Baritone

Persistent Activist

Grungy Performer

Family Man

A man in love,
with his dog


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red winter spices decoration
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

wafting through the house
the smell of christmas season
cinnamon and cloves

his hand on my knee
my body frozen in fear
trusting nevermore

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A woman in love


The story unfolded slowly. Her hands shook with fear. The words burned her mouth. She paused to catch her breath and wet her lips; a single teardrop caressing her cheek. Making sense of the chaotic thoughts in her mind felt futile, but she had to tell him. Her luscious red lips made it impossible for him to concentrate. He gazed adoringly into her eyes and waited patiently for her to finish. She took one slow, deep breath and spoke the words that would change him forever, ‘I couldn’t stand being apart from you. I killed her. I killed your wife.’.