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The Artist

painting brush on palette

Paradox of creation

Frenetic action
A desperate striving, urging
Do more

Quiet allowing
Moment by moment, guiding
Be more


As the moon
draws the ocean tides,
fall trees paint the hills
a palette of amber, mustard,
and auburn,
and a collage of spring blooms
glisten in the morning dew,

Relax in a gentle knowing
Like water lilies on a grand canvas
Brush stroke by brush stroke
A masterpiece is unfolding.

intuition, katharine griffiths, katharinegriffiths, Poetry, women



Do you feel it?

The gentle pull of intuition and inspiration.

Like a birdsong in the distance. Melodic and joyful.

Never forceful.

Never demanding to be heard.

Never vying for attention.

Just there.

Available for all those ready to listen.

A memory.

A sign.

A guidepost.

Are you listening for the whispering coo?

It’s ready to draw you into your future…