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The Artist

painting brush on palette

Paradox of creation

Frenetic action
A desperate striving, urging
Do more

Quiet allowing
Moment by moment, guiding
Be more


As the moon
draws the ocean tides,
fall trees paint the hills
a palette of amber, mustard,
and auburn,
and a collage of spring blooms
glisten in the morning dew,

Relax in a gentle knowing
Like water lilies on a grand canvas
Brush stroke by brush stroke
A masterpiece is unfolding.

gratitude, haiku, katharine griffiths, katharinegriffiths, Poetry

Release – a Haiku

alone animal bird clouds


Clouds release pressure

Intent to nourish and cleanse

A downpour of tears

gratitude, intuition, katharine griffiths, katharinegriffiths, Poetry, storytelling

Dandelion Wisps

background image beautiful blur bright

Today, tomorrow, yesterday. Now.
A daisy in full bloom
calling a bumble bee
to its nectar-filled heart.

The radiance of the sun
peeking through shape-shifting clouds
against a cerulean canvas
encouraging a seedling into being.

Dandelion wisps
dancing on the wind
blown from their
stable stem.

A world in motion
evolving with effortless creation.
Life flowing along the
stream of now.

gratitude, Poetry, storytelling

Eddie Vedder

Eddie the Boston

Choosing a name,
Who will he become

Role Model

Inspired Musician

Powerful Baritone

Persistent Activist

Grungy Performer

Family Man

A man in love,
with his dog


gratitude, katharine griffiths, Poetry

A moment

flowers-meadow-wood-forest.jpgWhat is wrong?

My past, my future. Head spinning. Panic surfacing.


The sun is shining, traffic is humming, a dog is barking, mosquitos are buzzing, birds are chirping, a chipmunk is scurrying, the river is flowing, spring buds are flowering,

and children are playing.

My lungs fill with air.

Nothing is wrong.

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My feet and my toes
My fingers and nose

A fluffy white bed
Creative thoughts in my head

The warmth of the sun
A steaming, butter-soaked bun

A great big bear hug
A kiss from a pug

Music inspired wiggles
Followed by late night giggles

From snow angels on our backs
To the scent of spring lilacs

A pause and a breath
A chance to reflect

A gift in each moment anew
Blessed to have more than a few