I will love myself first.
I will show my family and friends the love they deserve.

I will be happy with myself first.
I will be happy with those around me and encourage them to find their own happiness.

I will live my life with love and laughter first.
I will invite others to share in my laughter.

I will continue to learn and acquire knowledge through reading and education.
I will impart what I have learned to provide my children with a good base from which they can make decisions and grow in their own direction.

I will explore my creativity often.
I will guide others to find their own creative self expression.

I will remember that it is not the size of my steps but rather the direction in which I am headed.
I will help those around me embrace their direction and define their own steps.

I will have faith and remain thankful for the many gifts that I enjoy.
I will teach my family the importance of having faith and being thankful.

I will share my authentic self with the world.
I will inspire those around me to be their unique selves.

I will live abundantly.

(Steven Covey The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Mission Statement October 31, 2004)