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A moment

flowers-meadow-wood-forest.jpgWhat is wrong?

My past, my future. Head spinning. Panic surfacing.


The sun is shining, traffic is humming, a dog is barking, mosquitos are buzzing, birds are chirping, a chipmunk is scurrying, the river is flowing, spring buds are flowering,

and children are playing.

My lungs fill with air.

Nothing is wrong.

children's book, gratitude, katharine griffiths, katharinegriffiths, Poetry



My feet and my toes
My fingers and nose

A fluffy white bed
Creative thoughts in my head

The warmth of the sun
A steaming, butter-soaked bun

A great big bear hug
A kiss from a pug

Music inspired wiggles
Followed by late night giggles

From snow angels on our backs
To the scent of spring lilacs

A pause and a breath
A chance to reflect

A gift in each moment anew
Blessed to have more than a few