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Maple Syrup

Random thoughts pop into my head. That’s crazy! I dismiss them as easily as kicking snow off my boots. I should keep these strange ideas to myself. What will others think?

‘Sap doesn’t ask the maple for permission to start flowing. It doesn’t look for approval ‘am I flowing right’, it doesn’t look for reassurance ‘is it ok that my stickiness is getting all over you’. Yet it flows each year with the spring thaw. Becoming sugary sweetness with a bit of allowing, care, and warmth.’

There it is. Pure craziness! Am I crazy?


I am just a writer.

drabble, katharine griffiths, katharinegriffiths, Poetry, storytelling

The love of a partner

couple elderly man old

It had been several days since he’d eaten, and the water wasn’t going to last much longer. Every day was the same. Wake up. Drink water. Nap. Drink more water. He was hungry. The smell didn’t bother him, but he was sad that she had changed. He couldn’t understand why she wasn’t talking to him. Confused, he nudged her, snuggled her, kissed her cheek. He was getting weaker.

The banging was intense. The door crashed open. People arrived. He heard one of them speak.

‘This elderly woman has been dead for a while. Check that dog’s collar for his name.’

drabble, katharine griffiths, katharinegriffiths, Poetry, storytelling, women

A woman in love


The story unfolded slowly. Her hands shook with fear. The words burned her mouth. She paused to catch her breath and wet her lips; a single teardrop caressing her cheek. Making sense of the chaotic thoughts in her mind felt futile, but she had to tell him. Her luscious red lips made it impossible for him to concentrate. He gazed adoringly into her eyes and waited patiently for her to finish. She took one slow, deep breath and spoke the words that would change him forever, ‘I couldn’t stand being apart from you. I killed her. I killed your wife.’.