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It goes by really fast when you’re thinking about it,

and when you aren’t.

Takes up space

clogging up like pores in the face that shows all the years



Sometimes you think you’ve got lots of it,

Others it moved fast

Fast like a car

Or a train

Or a plane

Or the bus that you took to school every day for 17 years

It’s worth it though

The time

The time spent at home



As if time existed in counts of 8

Moving until the song ends and then you just

Start again

Except time, while it may decide the length of a song

How long you you spend on the bus

Doesn’t bend at your will the same way a pause button controls the music

Doesn’t determine the speed of the car that gets you home faster

To mom




Those extra few minutes with friends that went by way too fast in a dress up clothing filled basement

The fake sick calls to grandparents so you could be warm under the blanket designated for sick days

The smell of green tea and croissants at 6:40 on a weekday morning


It’s there

To prologue and snatch up

those moments

To make them worth doing

To ensure you hold onto them

Little snapshots

Eminem in the car

Letting grandpa lead

Teaching a brother to pirouette


And yet somehow

In some way

You want it more

You want it to stand still

You can’t have both

So it’s daydreams in the front room and walks

with the dog

squeezing it all in


Written by my daughter, Emily Griffiths

children's book, gratitude, katharine griffiths, katharinegriffiths, Poetry, storytelling

Be Spirited


Little spirit, what can we do today?
     She giggles, thank-you for asking

Remember the peace in awareness
     Play and laugh!

Enjoy the light of day
    Embrace bright colours

Be joyful and exuberant
    Wiggle and shake!

Discover new experiences
    Savour tastes, scents, and textures

Love and honour others
Please stay awake!

Remember I am here when you get busy
      I will give you strength

Pause and breathe deeply at least once each day
    She giggles, thank-you for asking

children's book, gratitude, katharine griffiths, katharinegriffiths, Poetry



My feet and my toes
My fingers and nose

A fluffy white bed
Creative thoughts in my head

The warmth of the sun
A steaming, butter-soaked bun

A great big bear hug
A kiss from a pug

Music inspired wiggles
Followed by late night giggles

From snow angels on our backs
To the scent of spring lilacs

A pause and a breath
A chance to reflect

A gift in each moment anew
Blessed to have more than a few