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Going Home

I just wanted to have fun
Hang out with anyone
Twist caps in the sun
Smoke and beer

But now I’m looking around
My buds are all settled down
I order another round
Nobody’s here

Guess I should have cared
My kids needed me there
Putting it all on her
A woman beyond compare

I’ve been calling this bar home
My wife and kids are gone
Making friends with coke and crown
Last call has come around
No one’s waiting on me now
Freedom’s what I found
I’ve been sitting all alone
And now it’s time to go

It’s closing in on a year
I know that it wasn’t fair
Now I’m ready to care
Has she moved on?

Standing there at the door
Not drinking anymore
Wondering what’s in store
She let’s me in

So glad that now I care
My kids need me here
Taking the load off of her
A woman beyond compare

I’m done calling this bar home
I’ve got somewhere else to roam
Making friends with a new crowd
Of myself I’m really proud
They’re all counting on me now
Family’s what I found
No more sitting all alone
I’m glad to be back home

(Co-written by Rodney and Katharine Griffiths, Copyright 2019)

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