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Women and work. The confusion is real.

I joined the Women’s March this year with my husband and my daughter. My aunt, who was a pioneer for gender diversity in the financial industry, challenged the need for a Women’s March. She questioned what more is required to justify still marching.

In North America, women legally have the right to vote, the right to own property, the right to health and reproductive care, and the right to an education. I answered that we will need an annual Women’s March until the spirit of the law is honoured and until all women globally share the same fundamental rights.

Her passion for how easy women have it today made me curious about the pendulum swing of change associated with the role women have played in society. Throughout recent history women have swayed between taking care of the home and developing a career. From the late 19th century until the 1960’s, it seemed to be an either-or venture, and women who didn’t follow the societal norms of the time were often shunned by other women.

Women have had many more opportunities since the 1960’s to choose their own path. The naming of 2018 as ‘Year of the Woman’ feels a bit redundant since 1992 shared the same honour, but I expect that 2018 will be different. Both men and women are no longer falling by default into traditional roles, and many industries are applying conscious effort to implement diversity agendas. It helps that investment firms, the financial industry, and government organizations are holding corporations accountable for hitting gender diversity targets. Change is happening.

Women are a driving force behind the push for gender diversity. My hope is that this is the final wave of feminism; as the gender equality agenda becomes the norm across every level of every industry globally, the need for a feminist movement will expire. We’ll all just be equal, and those wonderful attributes that make men and women different will be embraced.

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